Nightly Theme Dressing & Contests
Theme nights are a fun way to step further outside your normal day to day
life. Use your imagination and create costumes that are Hedo appropriate
the wilder the better). Your Tour Conductors, kitten & angel and their
Paul and Fred, will be in full costume each and every night and will
sometimes change during the course of the night to even wilder outfits. They
would encourage you to do the same and enjoy the fun and excitement that
wearing them can lead to for everyone each evening.
2018 Themes are (kitten & angel replacements):

SATURDAY: Hats And Heels - Fedoras & Heels
SUNDAY: School Reunion - School Girlz & Boyz Outfits
MONDAY: Jamaica Night
TUESDAY: Bare As You Dare - Glow Pool Party
WEDNESDAY: Fetish Night - Leather And Lingerie
THURSDAY: Toga Foam Party
(Hollywood Red Carpet Awards Nite)
FRIDAY: Party Like A Rock Star