Hedonism II
HEDONISM II in Jamaica is a lush garden of pure pleasure set on 22 acres
of beautifully landscaped grounds off the northern end of Negril's
incredible seven mile beach. The ride from Donald Sangster International
Airport (MBJ) takes approximately 80 minutes by Castaways provided bus
or a private taxi you select.
HEDONISM II is for singles
and couples (over 18 years
only) who want to feed the
mind, body, spirit, and soul with
freedom and world-class fun.
HEDONISM II features
expansive ocean views and
offers a total escape to a truly
active (and slightly wicked)
A luxurious indoor /outdoor spa caters to
your every wish and everyday is a wild
non-stop party to make up for a lifetime of
ordinary vacations.
Nude Pool Hot Tub
The Spa At Hedo II
Nude Pool Swim Up Bar
Luxurious Rooms In A Tropical Setting
Boardwalk To The Beach
Negril's Incredible 7 Mile Beach
1- Pastafari Restaurant
7-Fitness Center
12-Chop House / Grill
17-Basketball Courts
2-Dining Terrace
8-Aquadic Center
13-Nude Beach
3-Clothing Optional Pool
9-Clothing Optional Beach
14-Nude Pool & Jacuzzi   
4- Dining / Pool Bar
15-Nude Beach Bar & Grill
11-Beach Bar
16-Tennis Courts
22-Main Entrance
The Nude Area Is Shaded In Red
A-Ocean View Rooms 1101,1201
E-Ocean View Rooms 1121,1221
I-Garden View Rooms 1141,1241
B-Ocean View Rooms 1106,1206
F-Ocean View Rooms 1126,1226
J-Garden View Rooms 1146,1246
C-Ocean View Rooms 1111,1211
G-Garden View Rooms 1131,1231
K-Garden View Rooms 1151,1251
D-Ocean View Rooms 1116,1216
H-Garden View Rooms 1136,1236   
L-Garden View Rooms 1156,1256
Clothing Optional Guest Rooms
Rooms on the first floor are 11XX
Rooms on the 2nd floor are 12XX
Nude Guest Rooms
Rooms on the first floor are 21XX
Rooms on the 2nd floor are 22XX
a-Ocean View Rooms 2101,2201
f-Garden View Rooms 2131,2231
k-Garden View Rooms 2156,2256
b-Ocean View Rooms 2106,2206
g-Garden View Rooms 2136,2236
l-Garden View Rooms 2161,2261
c-Ocean View Rooms 2111,2211
h-Garden View Rooms 2141,2241   
m-Ocean View Rooms 2166,2266
d-Ocean View Rooms 2117,2217  
I-Garden View Rooms 2146,2246
n-Ocean View Rooms 2171,2271
e-Ocean View Rooms2126,2226
j-Garden View Rooms 2151,2251
o-Ocean View Rooms 2176,2276