Frequently Asked Questions
What Is Included: Just about everything you can eat, drink, and do is
included in one simple up front price. And tipping on the resort property is
simply not permitted.
  • All meals, from tantalizing breakfast buffets to sumptuous dinner
    feasts. Even late night snacks. All you can eat, all the time.
  • All drinks, from soft drinks to top-shelf premium brands.
  • All entertainment.
  • All tips & gratuities.
  • All provided land and watersports, including scuba gear and boat
    dives and professional instruction and top-of-the-line equipment.
  • All hotel taxes and airport transfer from/to Sangster International

What Is Not Included:
  • Any off resort activities
  • Tips for Airport Baggage Handlers (arriving and departing - They
    EXPECT to be tipped and can become agitated if they are not)
  • Tips for your Bus Driver (arriving and departing - He deserves to be
    tipped with all of the crazy drivers on the road)
  • Tips for the Captain and Crew of our Nude Cruise boat
  • Tips for the Dive Master and Boat Captain for scuba divers

What happens if I get to Hedonism II and they tell me I don't have
a room?
This is where kitten & angel can help but, only if you get
yourself to Hedo II. Regardless of what you may be told at the airport by
anybody, insist that you be transported to Hedonism II.

If you booked through
kitten & angel/CASTAWAYS  and they try to  
insist that they transport you to Hedo II anyway. Once you get to the
resort and attempt to check in and have a problem,
kitten & angel are on
the property to assist in getting it straightened out. But chances are, since
they have already checked on all of their group members rooms in advance
of their arrival, you will get there and find out they have a room for you
after all!

Is Hedonism II a resort just for swingers? Hedonism II is an adults
only resort that is friendly to all flavors of lifestyles. On any given week
you may find groups at the resort dedicated to Swinging, BDSM, Bi Women
or Tantric Heterosexual Sex. Each of those groups are there for the exact
same reason - for their group to experience and share in the magic that is
Hedo II. Past members of our group have been Swingers, Kinksters, Bi
Women and Heterosexual Couples who were looking to expand their
horizons.  They were non-pushy and considered it a compliment that
someone would ask "Do you want to play?" A polite “No thanks” was all
that was required if they didn't want to. Be sure to have thorough
discussions between yourselves before hand and set your own limits and
desires of what you would and would not like to do. Those discussions will
pay dividends once you arrive at the resort.

Will I see Sex in public? The short answer is, yes you will. Commonly
referred to as PDA (Public Display of Affection), it can be witnessed
anytime day or night. However, Security (fondly known as the "Sex
Police") will sometimes put a stop to it during daylight. You will not be
kicked out of the resort, just politely asked to stop what you are doing. At
night, especially around the Nude Hot Tub it is much more common. Don`t
be surprised to find couples in hammocks, lounge chairs, or even right there
in the Hot Tub with you having sex with each other and sometimes even
multiple partners. The frequency will vary depending on the people at the
resort at any given time.         

What types of people go to Hedonism II? The best answer is all types.
Picture yourself in Macys, Target, WalMart, or your neighborhood
grocery store and then strip everyone naked and you'll have a good idea of
what to expect. The ages can vary between 18-65 plus, but the vast
majority are 30-55. There will be some Ken and Barbies there, but they
are few and far between.       

Do I have to get naked? The short answer is, no. The resort is broken
up into two distinct areas, the Prude Side and the Nude Side.
  • Prude Side -This is the area of the resort that is designated as
    clothing optional.
  • Nude Side  - Where everyone is and must be naked. You can ease
    your way into the naked thing, but from experience ... strip down and
    jump right in!
  • However, you must wear some kind of cover up to all restaurants,
    main bar and the lobby       

What about Marijuana? Medical marijuana is legal in Jamaica. Although
recreational marijuana use is not explicitly legal, it has been
decriminalized and possession of up to 2 ounces or 56 grams of marijuana
is punishable by a maximum fine of $5. It is also legal to grow up to five
marijuana plants.
Marijuana use is also legal for practicing Rastafari adults to use for
sacramental purposes. Rastafarians are permitted to grow and transport
their marijuana with no limits, but they are forbidden from selling it and
must only consume in their place of worship.
For tourists looking to buy marijuana, it is exceedingly easy to find and
you can likely ask any cab driver or hotel worker for a hook up with no
problem. You may possess up to two ounces (or 56 grams) of marijuana. The
new law means tourists don’t have to worry about more than a $5
possession fine if caught.

Nothing on this website should be considered legal advice or as a
substitute for legal advice. Please respect the current state of
Marijuana law in your area!

What travel documents do I need? You will need a valid passport to
enter and exit Jamaica.   Your passport
MUST NOT expire within 6
months of your arrival in Jamaica. For more information about other
countries entry and exit requirements go to:
Passport Information

Well, first of all realize that not everyone dresses for themes or even
dresses sexy at all. Although the
kitten & angel Spring Fling To Hedo II
group sets the standard for each nights theme dressing, even the women in
our group don't always participate. We've seen guests wear shorts and T-
shirts to lingerie night and believe it or not, you really won’t be turned
Some guys will go all out and dress as sexy as they dare -skimpy little
Speedos to and from the pool or hot tub, sheer or striped and sheer t-
shirts with shorts or pants to dinner, and even leather chaps with only a
thong underneath on fetish night. Other guys will just wrap a towel around
them for walking around during the day.

There are plenty of things a guy can wear, even if it's just a tight shirt or
tight pants, on the theme nights that don't have a specific theme, or if you
don't want to follow the theme for the evening. Admittedly, as always, it
depends on the crowd as you will see a lot more men dressing up with
lifestyle crowds.
kitten & angel, although not specifically lifestyle, has a
great turnout every night.

However, don't feel you will be singled out or made fun of if you dress
sexy any more than if you DON'T dress sexy or don’t dress for a
particular theme night.

This is HEDO, this is YOUR vacation, do what YOU like!

There are several links below with sites for sexy men's' clothing. For all
the macho guys out there who look at some of these sites and say "I'm to
masculine for this stuff"... maybe you should ask your lady what she thinks
of some of these clothes! You WILL see other guys dressed up in erotic
clothing and see-through or skin tight shirts. You are, after all, dressing to
please her aren't you? Just as she dresses to please you! So get her input
and if she likes something she sees on one of these sites, be daring, have
fun, and go for it!

Remember, you can always leave it in the closet in your room if you feel out
of place - but the last thing any guy or lady wants is to get to Hedo and
say "aw man...I SHOULD have brought that!"

Here are kitten & angel's favorite purveyors of all things sexy and
sensual for your Spring Fling to Jamaica: